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Do you need help branding or re-branding, conceiving a name or tagline, creating remarkable Ads, or writing a jingle that sticks in everyone's head? Our team offers freshly squeezed ideas that are RE-FRESH-ING! 

T.J. Solutions is a Creative Idea and Content Development Firm. We have been in business for over a decade. Our team is passionate about combining Creativity, Innovation, Information, & Collaboration to help you achieve RESULTS!

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About Us

If a great idea is the host, then fantastic, customized art is the breath that gives life to those great ideas. Our team are skilled, trained Illustrators, Graphic Artists, Writers, & Educators. We Give Ideas Life!

Our team is passionate about using innovative ideas, custom content, graphic, and illustrations to develop learning tool for clients. We provide custom courses, edutainment, & training that grab attention, engage participants, and inspire active learning. We have a roster of qualified subject experts and celebrities, for key learning components of course materials & video motivators.