T.J. Solutions has build a phenomenal team skilled in:

- Putting on inspiring, awe-ing, engaging, and unforgettable events. We make Town Halls and Corporate Events the place to be, and we CHANGE LIVES while doing it! 

- Developing and facilitating Learning Experiences that drive home key corporate messages in fresh and engaging ways, helping corporate cultures to shift, change, succeed, EXCEL! 

- Producing quality videos (training, advertisements, public service announcements, spoofs, skits, and more) aimed at engaging a target audiences and inspiring a specific actions, thoughts, or understandings.

- Creating custom CREATIVE communication tools i.e. jingles, comics to replace boring newsletters, and other vehicles that engage, entertain, and inspire (inspire action / inspire thought / inspire CHANGE)

i.e. CEO Vlogs that are funny, charismatic, or serious but still engaging - think Daley Report...but less silly, or more silly...if you like. The point is staff / clients / and other stakeholders will look forward to your next communication - instead of clicking delete before opening. 

We have FUN at T.J. Solutions because we get to help YOU help others be their BEST, and we love that!!!!

President, jessica lambert

T.J. Solution has adopted a leaner vision, one that fits nicely with our understanding of not only Corporate needs but HUMAN needs - as Corporations are only as strong, innovative, and dynamic as the Humans they inspire! We practice what we preach - truly living our bliss, by providing only the services we are most passionate about.

We create IMPACT...and we love every minute of it.

Welcome to the NEW T.J. Solutions.

"Since 2005 t.j. solutions has worked to help companies reach their corporate goals by engaging board, staff, customers, and community. even with a shift in brand, our pursuit to inspire and manifest excellence for all we serve remains!"

our services - creative & Effective!


strengthening brands . inspiring success